Remodeling June 8, 2020

Why am I so bad at the “before” picture?

Ok, so we are moving along…..sort of.  We’ve had the gas company out here to begin the process of moving the meter.  That was actually less hassle than I thought.  Within a week, I heard from the field tech (called on a Saturday) and then by Friday of the next week, we were meeting.  I now have a contract proposal that I need to sign and pay for at the gas company.  Once that is done, we can schedule the work (in conjunction with my plumber) and we’ll be good to go.  In the meantime we need to finally hire a contractor and set everything else in motion.  Hiring a contractor if definitely one of the biggest decisions we’ll make.  This is the person I will be working with and communicating with for 2-3 months.  The first part of the choosing a contractor is to get multiple bids.  Price is important, but you also want to meet with them and determine if our personalities mix well.  Anyone who know me, knows that I am a detailed and task oriented person.  If you say that it will be done by a certain time, or that you will email m3 by a certain date, I expect you to do so or to at least explain why you can’t meet that deadline.  So, although I had met with several contractors in the fall.  I’m now in the final states of getting real bids on the project so that I can be sure I’m paying the right price as well as working with someone I can communicate with well.

While all of this is moving forward.  We also decided to take care of the landscape removal that would need to occur for the construction.  Hence, the question – “Why am I so back at the “before” picture?”  This is definitely not the first project we have tackled in our 17 years of home ownership, yet I’m notorious for forgetting to get the before picture.  So, here are a few images of our side yard and front of the house, so you can see the “during” and “after”.  This landscaping has been here since before we purchased this home in 2009, so it was well established.  The yard definitely has the feel of being much bigger once you take out all the shrubs and trees!  At lease we’re saving on watering this summer, since all of this will be demo’d once construction begins.